The firm is affiliated with international firms and also firms in Ghana which have special skills and expertise which are necessary for collaboration to perform its activities and also to provide other consultancy services for the Government and other international institutions. The affiliated firms include the following:

(i) Morison KSi
Morison KSi is an association of independent accounting firms located around the world who provide clients with a range of accounting, consulting and taxation services. Morison KSi has member firms throughout the world to deal with international business requirements. Member firms of Morison KSi remain independent but enjoy the benefit to serve their existing clients and to increase their serviced offering to potential new clients.  E. V. Asare & Co. therefore has a global connection and enjoys stimulation in the improvement of the quality of services through periodic training programmes and participation in international seminars organised by Morison KSi. We stand to benefit from expert from expert services through staff secondment from other international audit member firms. You may visit the website of Morison KSi on

Our joining Morison KSi allows us to remain independent but benefit from the rich experience and international exposure of other firms to serve our clients. Affiliation with member firms of KSI also increase the quality of our service delivery to potential clients by combining our personalized local services with experienced and specialized international experts from member firms in other part of the world.

Group picture of members of Morison KSi at International Conference in Barcelona, Spain on 18th October, 2013. Mr. Emmanuel Victor Asare, the Managing Partner of E. V. Asare & Co is the 4th person on the left at the 4th roll from front.


Mr. Emmanuel Victor Asare, the Managing Partner of Messrs E. V. Asare& Co.  delivering an address before the members of Morison KSi at an international conference held at Barcelona, Spain on 18th October, 2013.