About Us

EAV and Associates is a partnership firm of Chartered Accountants.  The firm is registered by the Registrar General on 21st December, 1987 with registration No P-10,336 which is now changed to PN002632013. The names of the partners are Messrs. Emmanuel Victor Asare and Felix Owusu Ampadu. The partners are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana. The firm is registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana), the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, Ghana Revenue Authority and Ga East District Assembly.

To become the leading firm in Ghana with capacity to provide auditing, accounting and other related services of international standards to committed clients.

To develop and maintain a profile of high skilled and disciplined staff to provide quality services to clients through the application of international accounting and auditing standards.

The firm shall perform its activities based on the following objectives:
(i) To provide an opinion based on the work performed on the financial statements or management statements in accordance with the Companies Code and in compliance with relevant accounting standards and principles.
(ii) To ensure that the level of testing procedures to obtain the evidence necessary to support such an opinion is high and comply with international auditing standards;
(iii) To relate to clients through Engagement Letters and oral explanations/discussions on the responsibilities of the Directors or Management of the Companies/Clients in the preparation of reliable financial statements and filing of statutory returns.
(iv) To provide a study and evaluation of internal accounting controls, detailed testing of accounting records, or corroborate evidence through inspection, observation and confirmation from third parties.
(v) To train staff and students and encourage them to improve their skills and write professional examinations;
(vi) To prepare relevant files for documentation and working papers for adequate planning, supervision and review of the audit work to ensure quality control for the audit;
(vii) To present Management Representation Letters after every audit to advise clients to improve their level of assurance of the reliability of their financial statements;
(viii) To relate professionally to previous auditors of our clients;
(ix) To ensure that information obtained from the activities of clients through the audit are kept confidential;